Code of Honor: A Former Russian Soldier’s Request of a U.S. Marine

Welcome to Krasky Iconics, featuring the quality oil and canvas works by Russian Immigrant/American Citizen Artist Alex Krasky.  Alex fell in love with America after serving in the Russian Army, admiring the beauty, the movies, liberty and famous people from abroad.

15328232_1268734509859056_587238975_nAfter working for U. S. Federal Government assignments, he was laid off and began painting.  What is interesting, is he has only had four thirty-minute lessons and has been featured nationally for his work.

He recently took it upon himself to paint Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump after painting many U.S. Presidents and hoping that America would embrace the freedom of its heritage with a new Executive who he believed would save it from trouble ahead.



15310327_1268734546525719_1019246665_nHe is back in Crimea caring for his mother who is gravely ill.  His one request was for a contact he made at the Houston Trump Campaign Headquarters Andy Valadez, a United States Marine, to get these paintings to Mr. Trump. Andy was involved with the Texas Veterans Coalition for Trump, attended the GOP Debate in Houston and received 10 guests of Honor Veterans from Rolling Thunder and was invited to perform the Pledge of Allegiance and speak at The Trump Rally The Woodlands, TX (5,000 in attendance with 15,000 waiting in line).

We are building a plan and team to do just that.  “It would be the greatest honor to know that a sitting President of the United States, Donald J. Trump has my paintings in his office or in his home, to be enjoyed by his family and his posterity,” said Alex.



Alex at Trump Campaign Office in Houston (before leaving for Crimea)